The different caps of an accountant in Belgium
Stress Management : The importance of breathing exercices

Stress Management : The importance of breathing exercices

Emotions like stress have a direct repercussions on various functions of our body such as breathing, heart rate, sweating, etc. Now, from of all these functions, only breathing can be controlled by yourself. If emotions play on our ventilation, the reverse is also true. It is indeed possible to interact with our emotions by controlling […]

Accounting outsourcing in Saint-Gilles

Accounting outsourcing in Saint-Gilles

The accounting management of a company has also recently undergone a renewal. Today, the trend is more towards accounting outsourcing. It’s a simple and effective practice, but one that also tends to minimize your expenses in running your company. It adapts to all types and sizes of business. Kezako? What are the rules to follow […]

Wind turbines effects on health, explained by Vincent Martet
Seafood and its benefits

The benefits of seafood

From saltwater and freshwater fish to deep-sea shellfish, seafood is a beloved delight, especially in summer. Many restaurants offer traditional mussels and chips, such as the Pub de Carqueiranne in the South of France, for example. Let’s look at the different nutritional benefits of seafood:

5 tips to hide your complexes at the beach

When you are not very comfortable with your body, it is sometimes difficult to put yourself in a swimsuit. That’s why BalconyOfTheBlueRidge for the whole family brings these solutions and tips to make you feel comfortable in a swimsuit.

makeup tricks

Great makeup tricks you should try

You don’t have to be a professional to wear extraordinary makeup, just a few tricks are enough. Although it seems complicated and takes time to know the colors that suit you the most, how much you should put on and how to apply the cosmetics to look good, with daily practice you will speed up […]

Relaxation techniques

Top 5 Stress Relaxation Techniques

To relax, you have to activate the body’s natural relaxation response, and watching TV when you get home, lying down or sleeping are not the best ways. The stress relaxation techniques that we will explain are much more effective and with them you will get results. However, to start these exercises and their benefits, you […]

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