The different caps of an accountant in Belgium

It is now possible to outsource the management of your company’s accountant. This is more practical, especially for large brands. It is more modest for VSEs and SMEs. In addition, accounting firms can play different roles.

An investment advisor

The first cap that an accountant can take is that of the investment advisor. Financial expert and holder of your books of account, he is the most able to choose the best investments to make and those at risk.

For a company, investments can come in several kinds. These include business purchases, mergers, real estate investments, and expenses for implementing a variety of marketing plans. You will have to choose the best investments according to the funds available and the risks that this or that alternative may represent on your reputation in the market.

In addition, the chartered accountant can also be of great help in ultimately listing your company on the stock exchange. There are a number of conditions that must be met in order to do this. It will also be necessary to embark on some administrative procedures. The accompaniment of a financial expert will be necessary to succeed in this kind of plan.

A fund manager

The accounting firm in Saint-Gilles is above all a fund manager. He has all the capacities to administer your funds. He can act on your behalf to settle the company’s wages and debts. This is the case for example if you have taken out professional loans. The accountant can also pay suppliers.¬†Despite having access to your bank accounts, however, according to the code of ethics to which it remains subject, the outsourced accountant cannot use the funds of the company as he sees fit and without your approval. He will engage his civil responsibility in this sense. Otherwise, he can be prosecuted for embezzlement.Having an overview, objective and precise of the state of your finances, the accountant will also be the most advised for the payment of your taxes and to make your annual tax declarations.

A high-end transcriptionist

Finally, and this is the basic service of an outsourced accounting firm: it is a high-end transcriptionist. He keeps the books of account for the preparation of company audits which take place at least once a year. In order to facilitate this process in particular, it will be necessary to transcribe the daily expenses, the quotes and the credits of your company and keep a copy of the invoices. He is committed to the truth of the facts and to the meticulous writing of your ledger.

Everything will be done in accordance with Belgian accounting codes. There are indeed some differences with French standards. As the service is outsourced, it is easier to manage. Everything happens online. This also limits the loss of information. The quotes are modest compared to the fees requested by internet accountants. However, you will benefit from the same quality of service.