5 tips to hide your complexes at the beach

When you are not very comfortable with your body, it is sometimes difficult to put yourself in a swimsuit. That’s why BalconyOfTheBlueRidge for the whole family brings these solutions and tips to make you feel comfortable in a swimsuit.

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5 tips to hide your complexes at the beach

Choose a swimsuit adapted to your morphology

First of all, we’re gonna have to get a bathing suit. And to feel comfortable, it must be adapted to the morphology. Whether the complex is in relation to a small chest, developed hips, or a small belly, the correctly chosen swimsuit will only refine you. If you are round, you should opt for a sculpting piece or a tankini. If you have large breasts, you should wear a swimsuit with a square neckline. Indeed, this one enhances your bust, without vulgarity. You can also crack for a pretty dark color that will be more elegant and slimming. On the other hand, if you have small breasts, you should choose a push-up with light padding. Each morphology, its solution.


A pareo or a beach dress

If even once you have chosen the right swimsuit you do not feel comfortable in it, the perfect solution is the beach dress or pareo. These two pieces are the best allies of this summer. Indeed, if you wish to hide a too white skin or some small curves, the dress of place will be perfect. On the other hand, if it is skin problems, stretch marks or cellulite, the pareo will do perfectly well. It can be worn in different ways, either tied at the waist, around the chest or backless. These accessories mixed with a hat and a pair of glasses, and the trick is done.


A combishort over the jersey

This garment, easy to put on and easy to wear, the combishort has everything to seduce. It avoids walking on the beach or on the path directly in a swimsuit and recovers very easily after a swim. Simply wear it directly over your bathing suit.


An oversize shirt to tie

A complex on your arms too thin or on the contrary too soft? The shirt intervenes to hide your complexes. Very trendy this year, she wears herself to the beach over her swimsuit. Of course, it is necessary to choose your model carefully. It is preferable to opt for a fluid and casual version that it will be possible to wear oversize and tie at the waist.


Compensated to lengthen the silhouette

When we are complexed by our height or weight, we only look for one thing: to refine and enlarge our silhouette. In order to gain a few inches, nothing better than wedge shoes. Indeed, going to the beach with pumps or high heels is not very practical. That’s good, it’s ultra trendy this summer, and mainly heels espadrilles.