Great makeup tricks you should try

You don’t have to be a professional to wear extraordinary makeup, just a few tricks are enough. Although it seems complicated and takes time to know the colors that suit you the most, how much you should put on and how to apply the cosmetics to look good, with daily practice you will speed up and perfect your makeup.

Looking good doesn’t mean you have to take hours to make it. Once you know how to apply make-up, you can use it to your advantage. Here are some tricks we elaborated for you:


1. Burn the tip of the eyeliner with a lighter


Hold your eyeliner pencil and with the help of a lighter place the flame on the tip for a second, let it cool down a little and you will notice the change in its consistency. In addition, this makes it less likely that the line will smear.


2. If you want your shadows to stand out, color your eyelid with a white base


To make the eye shadow stand out, take a white eyeliner pencil and fill your eyelids. The opaque shade of white will make any shade color you apply more intense.


3. To make the “cat’s eye” style, first draw the outline leaving an open space


It is easier to achieve a “cat’s eye” if you first paint the outline and then fill the interior space with a brush.


4. Use a spoon to achieve a perfect outline


Place the spoon against the outer corner of the eye and draw a straight line as for the first step of the cat’s eye. Then turn the spoon over and place it on your eyelid. Use the rounded outer edge to create a curved effect.


5. On the outside corner of the eye draw a hashtag and then blur it for a smoky effect


To achieve a smoked eye easily, draw a hashtag (#) symbol on the outside corner of the eye and then blur it with your finger or a brush.


6. To avoid mascara spots on your eyelids use a spoon


Protect your eyelid with it; then paint your eyelashes as you usually do. As you apply the mascara, you will see that the residue is on the back of the spoon instead of staining your skin.


7. Add drops of saline to your mascara


Mascara should last three months, then it can pick up bacteria and cause eye infections. If it dries during this time, you can soften it with a couple of drops of saline solution.


 8. Spray hot air on your eyelash curler to make it easier to curl.


The heat will make your lashes curl easily and stay curly longer. Place your tweezers in front of a hair dryer until it gets hot, wait until it gets a little cold and then use it as usual.


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