5 fashion tips to get dressed when it’s hot

With the current temperatures, it is not always easy to choose the right clothes, especially when you are working or in town. We give you advice to stay on top in all circumstances.

The heat is already high and is not ready to stop climbing. It’s summer and it’s important to adapt your dressing room according to the temperatures. Of course, it is easy to dress light and comfortable when you are on vacation or by the sea, but more difficult when it is a question of going to the office by 40 degrees. Here are some solutions to make your life easier while remaining feminine.


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5 fashion tips to get dressed when it’s hot

Focus on fluidity

We can never say it enough but relying on light and fluid materials often saves the summer. The long dress is the star of summer, it comes endlessly this season, and is perfect with its aerial cut that does not stick to the skin. Obviously, it is good to prefer short sleeves, or straps, and avoid the bustier shape that is too beach for a workplace.

Also, the wide skirts, and soft, colorful pants are easy to wear and mix with the basic wardrobe. The suit will ensure a slim silhouette, it is trendy and above all very practical.


Opt for natural materials

If there is one time of the year when synthetic materials should be banned, it is in summer. The solution is to choose the most natural materials possible, such as cotton, bamboo or linen, and even silk. They are cooler and more breathable, thus offering optimal comfort.


Choose lighter colours

In full sun, dark colors will not be your allies. It is therefore preferable to choose a clear outfit in the morning in front of the mirror, which will therefore absorb less solar radiation (i.e. a black surface absorbs up to 90% of the energy it receives). So the total monochrome black or navy blue look, it should be kept for the start of the school year, or even for this winter. Nor does he banish the little black dress for a more sophisticated evening.


Pull out your toes

Why not buy yourself a new pair of sandals or take out last year’s favorite kept model? To stay chic at work, we avoid flip-flops, but we allow ourselves a nice pair of sandals or spartans to go to work, especially if we do not want to see his legs swell. Heel espadrilles are still a good option.


Adopting the right accessories

In these conditions, the top in the matter it is the fan ! Very chic, it ensures the trend and will be useful when travelling by public transport, or in meeting room not air-conditioned.

A nice canoe is a must for this summer, as well as a nice pair of round glasses screwed on the nose when the sun is at its peak. A pretty scarf tied in the hair can finish the outfit and ensure a trendy look.