Finding a swimsuit when you’re curvy

Finding the right swimsuit for you is not easy when you have shapes. That’s why Balconyoftheblueridge gives its advice to find the one that will enhance your silhouette.

Finding swimsuit curvy
Finding a swimsuit when you’re curvy

Shirts that embellish the décolleté

In order to magnify your cleavage, you will have to opt for an enveloping model. This will raise the chest offering optimal support. To go swimming or pancake on the beach, there is nothing better. If you want a sexier piece, go for a top between the bustier and the bralette. It has a thick fabric under the chest and its frames, your shapes will only be highlighted. Obviously, just because you wear a D or E hat does not mean you are not allowed to wear a headband jersey. Indeed, there are many variations with frames and ribs. Thanks to this, more fear of losing your swimsuit during a swim. Finally, don’t forget to pay attention to the size of the straps, the thicker they will be and the more you will be maintained.


Finding the perfect stocking for your body type

Whether it’s a belly to hide, love handles, buttocks a little rebounded, all morphologies have the right to a perfect jersey. The top trend this year is the high waist panties that will be your best friend on the beach. It is shaping, slimming and especially ultra comfortable. It also gives a little pin-up look to the sun. If it is difficult to assume, prefer rather the shorty which subtly reveals the forms, a perfect balance. Finally, for you the sportiest or most complex of you, the swimming shorts is the best option for a perfect look. You should choose it slightly indented, with coloured patterns for a Californian surfer’s look.


The “1 piece” and the “Tankini”: the sure values

The return of the swimsuit 1 piece and well confirmed. He even invaded the stores this summer, and that’s very good news. This one has the gift to magnify the silhouettes whatever their qualities or defects. It shapes the chest, wraps the belly, camouflages the handles of love… It is magic. It is, in addition, declined in a multitude of model, color, plain, patterns, different fabrics, you will certainly find your happiness.

The Tankini is a real surprise. Equipped with panties and a tank top, it is halfway between the one and the “two pieces”. We wear it for its practical side and we love it for its sexy side and concealer of small complexes.