How to make micellar water at home

Micellar water is a new product to cleanse and remove make-up from the face. It removes all make-up and impurities from the skin in a single step, without having to make several moves. It leaves the face clean and hydrated at the same time, without having to resort to several products and steps to achieve it. For this reason, it has become an essential tool for women who seek practicality and speed in their daily beauty routine.

Our recipe contains no parabens, alcohol, or perfume, so it is suitable for all skin types and is effective. You can apply it even in the most sensitive areas of the skin, in removing eye and lip makeup, as long as they are not waterproof.

The absence of alcohol and parabens in some creams shows a high tolerance for all types of sensitive areas.

There are a wide variety of micellar watermarks on the market and there are even specific ones for each type and need of skin.


How micellar water is used


Micellar water can work as a substitute for cleansing cream or milk and tonic. Ideally, daily and twice a day, when you get up and before going to bed, cleanse your skin following the steps of applying a cleanser, then toner and finally moisturizer. However, when there is a rush or fatigue, micellar water is the best option. With a single step you can have your face ready for make-up or apply the night cream.

The director and owner of the “Boris and Saky” beauty salon in Madrid, Spain, Cristina Vigo points out:

·        Micellar water has a set of molecules that attract dirt, so it is sufficient to remove any make-up or impurities.

·        Micellar water completes the three steps: it cleanses, tones and hydrates. What is necessary is extra hydration.



Apply to the skin with gentle circular movements, using a cotton pad. Then apply the moisturizer and proceed with make-up as usual.


At night


Before going to bed use micellar water to remove make-up and dirt accumulated during the day. Apply with a cotton pad until it comes out clean. This will leave the skin clean, toned and hydrated, ready for the specific products for the night.


How to make homemade micellar water


Although the different cosmetic and beauty brands currently offer a wide variety of micellar water, it is always a good option to make it at home with natural products.




100 ml of rose water (it can be purchased or homemade by boiling ½ litre of distilled water and 500 grams of rose petals for 10 minutes over low heat).

20 drops of vitamin E.

3ml of castor oil.

3ml of rosehip oil.

Sterilized glass bottle of 200ml.


Add the rose water first and add the castor oil and rosehip oil.

Shake the bottle so that the ingredients are integrated.

Finally add the vitamin E, close and shake again.

The micellar water is ready to use.



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