8 golden rules for beautiful curls

On the podiums and in the street, everything that borders is trendy. That’s good, because in the summer, you really want to leave your hair natural. Here are 8 golden rules to give a maximum of guts to your curls.


1. Find your haircut


That’s where it all starts. What’s important? Prefer a dry cut, because it is the only way to understand the loop as it really is, the only method also to control and balance volumes. You can’t do that when you cut on wet hair, so it’s almost smooth.

“The curl is never the same all over the head, so to avoid creating a helmet, we work in strand by strand. With the usual cutting technique, you get cutting results that are too geometric,” explains Dorah, a hairdresser specializing in this genre. There’s no question either of tapering too much, except on the sides of the head to remove mass, but the secret remains a well-dosed gradient.

“When the hair is sparkling, you shouldn’t abuse the shade, otherwise it makes a Tina Turner effect,” warns another great scissor pro, Delphine Courteille. In short, there are as many ways to cut the curly as there are types of curl.


2. Lighten your color


Brown gives more volume visually than blond. To lighten an invasive hair mass, you play with bleaching effects. “I like to lighten the points on a curly square, it breaks the ball side and removes volume around the face. We can also make sweeps to play with the light, it gives style and a neat aspect”, explains Delphine Courteille. As a result, the face benefits from a burst of radiance.


3. Take care of the washing


Whatever the loop, the shampoo is once a week, no more, so as not to dry out the hair. With what? A super moisturizing shampoo. Not to be confused with an ultra-rich formula in oils because a curly hair lacks especially water. “The Brazilian post-smoothing products are perfect, they close the scales well, moisturize, detangle,” Dorah assures. Some ranges: Hair Taming System Juvexin from Global Keratin; LissHair; Kerat-In.


4. Beautify your curls


If you have followed the above, your curls must already have gained a notch. To stylize the curl and give it the right movement, here are some easy-living gestures, to do absolutely after each wash, on still wet hair to avoid the frizz side.

– To channel the volume locally: take two large strands and cross them as if making a braid. Repeat the gesture with several strands all around the head, where you find that the hair swells too much. Let it dry like this. The best: wash your hair in the evening and sleep with these crosspieces.

– To create wavy: trace a central or side stripe, and place your lengths in “Mexican” to relax the loop. You can do this with all the hair or only with the front strands.

– To look at rebellious strands: let your hair dry naturally, then rework the poorly drawn curls with the curler.

– To inject glam: apply heated rollers and paint the whole. It gives a more sophisticated style, and it plumps the roots, sometimes flattened by the weight of the curls.


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