5 mode errors who deceives the silhouette

Whether one is fine or more voluptuous, there are certain habits that can be fatal. They will give the impression of a few extra kilos, or simply a different morphology. Balconyoftheblueridge gives advice on what to avoid.

mode silhouette clothing
5 mode errors who deceives the silhouette

Playing with your wardrobe

Playing with fashion is not an easy exercise, with the multitude of trends, materials and patterns to combine, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. Especially when it comes to mixing pieces to ensure a slim silhouette. Indeed, certain details such as patterns or unsuitable shapes can disadvantage the look and worse, give an impression of weight gain that we could do without.

It is better to know tricks not to appear visually one or two sizes more. Here is the list of mistakes to avoid and tips to refine your figure.


The imposing patterns and horizontal lines

Maxi flowers, large checks and horizontal stripes are the first patterns to thicken. They are not banned, however they are preferably chosen smaller, thinner, because more neutral. This will even distract attention from a few small flaws.

For stripes, just change their orientation and you’re done. Vertically they will considerably lengthen the silhouette.

The sailor is a special case. It is worn with a classic bottom, plain, and if possible close to the body slim jeans or pencil skirt type to balance the whole.


Shiny clothes

For the festive season, a wedding, a dressed party or even a garden party: there will always be a good opportunity to adorn yourself with shine. And that really doesn’t forgive, especially when it comes to soft and formless material.

Obviously, shine means light and light reflection on areas of the body, which has the effect of widening the silhouette. It is therefore necessary to know its morphology well to be able to wear a piece of this kind, and thus develop shine only on the thinnest part and remain sober on the rest of the outfit.


mode silhouette clothing
5 mode errors who deceives the silhouette

Ornaments in abundance

We love froufrous, and especially this season, but no more than we need. Pleats add at least one size visually. Therefore, it will be necessary to play with some details on a blouse for example or a skirt with ruffles and a basic top.


The choker

If the collar’s up, it’ll settle the silhouette, and it’ll only get worse. Clear your décolleté with a V-neck to let the neck breathe and thus refine the silhouette. At the same time, it will create a pretty cleavage.


Inadequate footwear

Even if they are shoes with heels, very low neckline, with straps on the ankle, sandals with high laces, they are fatal for your silhouette. They cut the leg where it is not needed and reduce the hope of stretching your leg.

A trendy shoe tip for this summer: the bridle at the back comes back in force, named slingbacks, and is worn close to the colour of the complexion.