Cosmetic: 12 new beauty products you’ll love

The world of cosmetics is constantly evolving. And all brands are looking for the formula or the object that will revolutionize our beauty routine. So if you are a perfect beauty maniac, here are the 12 cosmetic novelties that you will absolutely need to have.


The new creations


The world of cosmetics offers us a plethora of innovations every year.

Because a classic make-up remover oil or a sunscreen cream is too has-been (it seems), the big names in cosmetics have always fought each other, an unbridled war to stand out with patents and ever more innovative launches.

And as Jacques Courtin-Clarins, founder of the Clarins brand, said, “Nothing is launched that is not useful for cosmetics”.

For us, afficionadas care, makeup and other beauty products, this is rather good news.

Because a product can no longer simply exist for its primary function, laboratories bet everything in “research and development” in order to offer us ever more innovative products!


What will be the best innovative care in 2018?


Dr. Jart+, the brand that came straight from Korea, offers us, as usual, new generation beauty treatments.  Fun and effective, we literally fall for the new Shake & Shot rubber face masks.

A formula that allows you to mix the mask quickly and easily by… shaking it, you will have understood! It contains a booster and a liquid ampoule that you simply pour into the container and shake to obtain the cream texture.  Once applied and dried, the mask is easily removed, like rubber!

Another innovation that we look forward to for 2018 is the PMD Kiss.  A lip care device that plumps and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles all around the mouth!

Finally, we fall for the #Glittermask of Glam Glow. His cult Firming Mask will soon be available in a glittery version. A glittering peel-off treatment applied with a brush all over the face.

Result: you will have plenty of stars on your face and once removed, the mask will leave a firm skin and perfectly drawn facial contours.


What’s new for styling appliances for 2018?


We are looking forward to next year to find 2 new products that everyone will a-do-re.


T3 heating and volumizing rollers. A set of rollers equipped with adjustments to create either voluminous curls or soft waves.

The Ghd embossing iron: essential for creating volume, it creates marked textures and reveals the relief in an instant to display new hairstyles.

To texturize a braid, increase the volume of your hair or create a simple notched effect to give the illusion of an accessory in the hair: this new Ghd will become our indispensable beauty!


The best cosmetic innovations in make-up


For 2018, we are looking forward to:

Kat Von D: with her Metalmatte mini eye shadow palette! Furthermore, now it is available in a compact format.

On the programme: 10 warm, metallic matt shades. But what we flash on is the ambiguity drawn by Kat herself: read in one sense, the letters form the word “metal” and in the other “matte”.

We also love the Black’Up highlighting palette in collaboration with the international Youtubeuse: Jennie Jenkins! A real little jewel for an ultimate glowy look.

Finally, we melt for the mini macaroon. But be careful, this one can’t be eaten, no. This is the new Rum Raisin semi-permanent manicure gel kit.

Coup de coeur also for the holographic manicure kit which will allow to realize a semi-permanent manicure with an incredible holographic effect!

A killing!


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