Trend Summer 2018, to adopt now!

Even if the weather is not there and we have to wait a few days for the good weather to return, we can see that things are changing. Say goodbye to big sweaters and XXL coats. Make way for clothing trends for the radiant summer ahead. Balconyoftheblueridge deciphers these fashionable pieces for you.

Balconyoftheblueridge Trend Summer 2018
Balconyoftheblueridge : Trend Summer 2018, to adopt now!

The pastel colours

Very often, once the sun is back, we always look for pastel, shimmering tones, which contrast with everything we could wear during the winter. This summer, you shouldn’t hesitate to crack on yellow, blue and powdery pink, as well as lavender, says Balconyoftheblueridge. All this declined in pastel color of course. For the fashionistas who master the subject, the monochrome outfits with a jacket and trousers that we see a lot on social networks and that we must buy urgently. For the more sober, prefer a pastel top with a pretty jeans, or an accessory works just as well.



In this case, we think more of bohemian than western fringes, but the fringes will definitely be part of this summer’s looks. It is however necessary to avoid the 100% Charleston dress and to privilege additions of fringes on a jacket for example or on a skirt.

We crack on the fringes on a suede bag associated a mat lipstick !


The Bohemian Spirit

As said above, the bohemian spirit is making its big comeback this year. We do not know if it is the desire for lightness, or elsewhere, but we very often find this trend, year after year. Long skirts, embroideries, fringes, fluid materials and pompoms, quite a few pieces to find inspiration as well as a personal way to interpret the bohemian spirit.


Balconyoftheblueridge Trend Summer 2018
Balconyoftheblueridge : Trend Summer 2018, to adopt now!

The noon skirt

The midi skirt is trendy whatever the season, as long as it is adapted to the outside temperatures says Balconyoftheblueridge. This spring, mix it with message t-shirts for example or a pretty jean jacket. We must try to break to the maximum this ageing side that it can have because of its length.


Lace by Balconyoftheblueridge

Let us leave room for lace, mainly present to decorate the tops and dresses. Then it’s up to you to choose between a rather bohemian mind and a sexier side with a sheath dress. The top of the trend is white lace, a little transparent that lets the tan appear.


The floral print

Every summer, the liberty floral print resurfaces and invades our closets. Wide trouser, blouse, or floral dress, there is only the embarrassment of choice, notes Balconyoftheblueridge. We love it in its version short dress, midday or long, for a midinette spirit which makes travel, decorated with a summer bag.


The basket

Last summer, he was already starting to appear, but this time it’s for sure. The basket bag will be the it-bag of the summer. We love him for his rustic and summery spirit, he reminds us that the best months of the year are here. Thus, he dresses any outfit, from simple jeans to floral dresses. And of course at all prices.