Sheath dress : how to wear it well?

The sheath dress is a basic and a classic of the female dressing room. It is often honored by the greatest designers, and is worn for special occasions cocktail dress style as everyday in a casual spirit. We take stock of this trendy and feminine piece, for knowing well how to adopt it.

Sheath dress fashion
Sheath dress : how to wear it well ?

What’s the sheath dress?

It is a mythical garment of the fifties, the sheath dress is certainly one of the most glamorous pieces of the female wardrobe. Between a long dress and the wallet dress, it is impossible to miss it without recognizing it at first glance. This is closer to the body than a trapeze dress, often mid-length, reaching to the calves. Very glamorous, it looks like a pencil skirt, and moulds every curve. However, the dress was only reserved for cocktail parties, now it is wear endlessly in casual cuts without breaking its dressed look.


Wear the sheath dress, for whom?

When you are big: You are the luckiest, all the sheath dresses fit you, whether they are plain, décolleté, patterned or coloured. This type of clothing enhances your body and especially your long legs.

When you are little: Don’t worry, even when you are little you can wear a dress of this type. In order for it to suit your morphology, it must simply be short, so that your legs will not be shortened.

When you’re thin: You have to be sure of one thing, the sticky side of the dress will accentuate your filiform side. Thus, one avoids choosing too dark colors which would reinforce this side and insist on the color of your lips. Instead, go for a colourful model with patterns or volume-enhancing details such as ruffles.

When you are curvy: You should fall for a model of a dark color that will harmonize the silhouette. Black, navy blue or even burgundy will do just fine. Synthetics, on the other hand, have a tendency to grow.


Adapt your dress to the situation

Casual version: In order to wear a dress in a casual way, it is absolutely necessary to break the chic side, or even sexy that releases this room. Therefore, it is advisable to mix it with a colorful bomber or a torn oversized jeans jacket. Shoes? Mix it with a nice pair of sneakers instead of escarpins. A comfortable and original model such as a printed or patterned sheath dress will fit perfectly.

Desk version: The sheath dress is a good alternative to the suit. Simply mix it with a blazer that highlights the waist and curves, as well as a pair of escarpins. A model in black, navy blue, red or even white for summer is ideal for this look.

Sheath dress fashion
Sheath dress : how to wear it well ?

Chic evening version: During an evening, the sheath dress is sufficient on its own. Simply wear it with a pair of escarpins, a black and gold evening pocket and a pretty necklace. A plunging neckline is ideal, or take the option of a slit behind the legs. For the colours, we opt for nude pink, “femme fatale” red, or electric blue with a nice makeup.