Aromatherapy: the benefits of essential oils

Aromatherapy uses essences and essential oils from plants to bring you well-being and relaxation. Whether it is in the form of cream, in your bath or through a diffuser, the plants bring you all their benefits during your visit to the spa.


What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy consists in using the aromas of plants to heal and strengthen your well-being. Its action is as well physical as mental: it can help to cure health problems, but also help to relax or on the contrary to give you energy again. It is a method based on the effectiveness of essential oil molecules.

Aromatherapy is not a medical treatment, it serves as a complement in order to reinforce the effectiveness of a treatment. It must be practiced with quality essential oils.


Aromatherapy at the Spa

At the spa, you can enjoy aromatherapy in different ways:

Your establishment can use a room diffuser. This is excellent for respiratory comfort and for an immediate change of scenery effect. You feel an energizing or relaxing effect instantly.

Massages with essential oils relieve tension, and give you a feeling of lasting well-being. Depending on your needs, different essential oils can be used to soothe certain ailments.

Cosmetics based on aromatherapy treat your skin in a very specific way, depending on its type and needs.

Under the water of a bath, your institute can use bath salts or essential oils for different uses: relaxation, slimming, energizing effect…

In all cases, a spa establishment will choose the essential oil fragrances according to your needs and preferences.


Do not hesitate any more, go quickly in your spa to test all the benefits of aromatherapy on your body! You can also enjoy it at home thanks to an essential oil diffuser or in your balneotherapy bathtub. To get more tips and information about relaxation methods, we recommend you our category Relaxing.