Trending: Matt finish lips for 2018

A new year has started and here at Balcony of the Blue Ridge, we would like to introduce you to the trends going up for 2018. We women know a good make-up can change everything when it comes to our looks. How about trying a matt lipstick?

Like every year, the fashion catwalks and the creations of the designers let us see what the trends would be for the next season. In this case, 2018 comes with a very varied makeup, in which the lips and eyes have an enormous prominence. This range of possibilities will make it possible for everyone to find their own style within the fall/winter 2018 trends.


Matt finish and dark colors: top of the range for 2018


If you were doubting which lips would be perfect to dazzle this season, there is no choice: the dark colors will be the must-have of 2018. This trend has been developing for some time now, but there is still a long way to go. For this reason, they will continue to be very present in the coming year with numerous variations. A perfect time to renew your lipstick collection and make a new one with the newest and most innovative.

You might have already seen them on the lips of the famous and the best catwalks, and even on the street. Their great success has made these shades a perfect solution for any look. Who can already imagine a makeup without dark lips? As for the colors, the Bordeaux and red wine are still kings, but the purple’ vamp’, dark brown and explosive roses come stepping hard.

If you want to say goodbye to your boring looks, don’t hesitate to paint your lips with these colors. The key is to look for a perfect coverage, totally opaque, so that your mouth is very seductive and sensual. And what’s missing to complete the best lip look? The finish.

Undoubtedly, dark lips occupy an indisputable space within your makeup, but their triumph will be even more assured if you use a matte lipstick. This finish also came on strong last season, and has caused a total fever, as with a couple of passes the color is much stronger and brighter. This has led many brands to launch special collections with this finish for their lipsticks.




It is recommended that your lips are moisturized before applying it, so that the color is better distributed and there are no lumps. You can also rub them with a toothbrush in gentle circular movements, as you will reactivate the circulation of the area and improve the texture by removing dead cells.

Once done, you can add a few more touches of color with the fingertip, to give it a more natural point. If you feel like the color is totally matt and you don’t find the tone you like, you can try applying compact or loose powders by using a pad or wide brush. To get more volume you can do the following trick: apply a touch of beige concealer to the center of your lips.

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