Millennium Insurance advises seniors

Are you senior? Do you dream of leaving to settle abroad to enjoy a retreat under the sun? Know everything you need to know about medicine and care abroad when you settle in Thailand or Costa Rica! Millennium Insurance Leader Souscription, specialist in construction insurance gives some tips on how to act when leaving France.

Expatriation and health

When we choose expatriation, we do not necessarily depend on French medicine anymore. It is true that some expatriates still depend on it but generally, when one is expatriate and that one leaves the matrix that we know in France, it is advisable to take a private medical insurance which will take care of all what is medications, care, interventions, hospitalization and care.

What you need to know is that in some countries the services are very good quality from a medical point of view. According to Millennium Insurance Leader Subscription, we often hear that only in France and Europe can we receive quality care. Except it is false even if, to this day, there are still some countries especially in Africa where according to the medical situation people must be repatriated to France to access medical equipment and more important care.

Choose your insurance

Take the cases of Costa Rica, or Thailand, two destinations favored by seniors, people with private insurance are well cared for, the care is good and expatriates are well supported by health insurance. On the other hand, Millennium Insurance Leader Souscription reminds you that you have to know how to take a good insurer, taking into account the different price brackets.

Medication without intermediary

When one is expatriate and one has a good health insurance, it is not necessary to have a prescription, in particular in Costa Rica. A doctor or pharmacist are present and give advice to clients. Then the doctor provides a bill on which is noted the name of the person for whom the drugs were purchased. Just send the bill to the insurer for a refund.